Who We Are

Our mission is to positively impact businesses today, for a sustainable tomorrow.   

We believe in empowering investors, managers, and companies to leave a lasting legacy to be truly proud of.  

For more than 15 years, we have been at the forefront of developing successful ESG and sustainability programs, combining expert advice with our award-winning platform. 

With our unmatched expertise and an extensive team of over 150 specialists in ESG, climate, sustainability, and impact, we are the trusted ESG service provider for over 400 GPs and LPs. 

Backed by the global Apex Group, which has circa 13,000 professionals and $3 trillion in assets serviced, we have the resources and expertise to make a meaningful difference. 

By helping you achieve your financial goals, while also making a positive impact on the world, we strive to create a better future for everyone. 

The meaning behind our name

Holtara combines the ancient Greek word 'Holos' (meaning 'to make whole') and the gender-neutral name 'Tara', derived from Sanskrit and Gaelic origin and meaning 'a star'. Tara is associated with a female deity in Hinduism and Buddhism and is known as the 'mother of liberation' or the 'wisdom goddess'.

Our purpose is to drive positive change. 

We deliver advisory and technology sustainability services across the investment lifecycle to positively impact business today for a sustainable tomorrow. 

By providing transparent and reliable information, we give you the power to drive meaningful impact, and take control of your journey. 

Through our award-winning platform and expert advisory team, we help you achieve your business goals while driving positive change and leaving a lasting legacy you can be proud of. 

Our parent company, Apex Group’s purpose: 

Our purpose is to drive positive change in the financial services space; across the Environment, Society and with good Governance (“ESG”) to support a more sustainable, inclusive, and responsible future for the industry. 

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