ESG Company Reporting Solutions 

An intelligent platform to guide you on your journey to enhance your ESG performance and stand out to your investors.

  • Track company ESG performance and data disclosures
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Meet investor expectations
  • Identify and drive performance improvement
  • Suitable for fund managers and investors 

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Easily evaluate how effectively ESG principles and practices are integrated into a company’s processes.  

Capture essential data points to comply with all key ESG regulations, frameworks, and standards, including Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, and the ESG Data Convergence Initiative. 


Service features

ESG KPI monitoring and reporting.

Data is assessed through an objective, rules-based verification approach, as defined by global ESG standards and regulations.  

Access interactive dashboards featuring progress and proprietary industry benchmarks, and download reports as needed. 

Identification of key gaps and suggested improvement actions, to enhance ESG performance, operational efficiency, and investment decisions. 

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