ESG Fund Manager Selection  

Choosing the right fund manager ensures that your investments align with your values and withstand the challenges of an ever-evolving financial landscape. Benefit from the support of experts in assessing fund managers against your specific ESG needs. 

  • Streamlined analysis with our ESG Advantage Fund Manager Assessment Tool
  • Evaluate specific fund managers against peers and industry best practices 
  • Report on fund manager ESG positioning  

The ESG landscape is changing – and so should your fund due diligence 

In an era where ESG considerations are integral to investment decision-making, the challenges of fund manager selection have become more intricate than ever before. 

Navigating the vast landscape of ESG demands a nuanced understanding of the evolving sustainability landscape, regulatory frameworks, and industry-specific challenges. Without a knowledgeable counterparty, investors risk overlooking crucial factors that can impact long-term returns and or alignment with responsible business practices.  

Our Fund Manager Solution 

Remove complexity by partnering with an expert team while also accessing simplified data and reporting at your fingertips! 

ESG Advantage fund manager assessment

  • The fund manager assessment enables managers to gain insight on how well they have integrated ESG considerations and provides clear guidance on what managers can do to clearly improve ESG performance.
  • Fund of Fund structures can actively engage with fund managers, gain support in setting ambitious targets for the portfolio, and allow the fund manager to be accountable for reaching those goals.


  • Performance of ESG integration
  • Monitoring and reporting of ESG metrics
  • 1- 5 manager rating
  • Action plans with suggested solution repository
  • Scoped emissions (1, 2 and 3 top-down assessment of portfolio)
  • ESG risk rating of underlying fund portfolio

Advisory fund manager analysis

  • Our experienced advisory team support a more bespoke approach to develop deep insights into your fund managers.
  • With your fund managers under consideration, we provide a detailed assessment of the manager’s ESG performance against best practices and industry peers.
  • This service can be a standalone report or a helpful supplement to the ESG Fund Manager Assessment.


  • Fund manager overview and summary performance
  • Gap analysis against predetermined criteria
  • Management interview and summary
  • Peer benchmarking summary
  • Bespoke action plan with suggested improvement points

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