ESG Training and Workshops

Develop and deliver successful ESG training programs supported by a unique people- and platform-powered solution.

  • Need a partner that understands your ESG approach and commitments?
  • Looking to integrate ESG into your core operations?
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ESG Training

Engage in interactive training sessions where you will have the opportunity to participate in meaningful discussions, and ask questions in real time, to effectively prepare to integrate ESG into your operations.

We work with you via a training diagnostic to understand your needs, ambitions, and audience, and then design sessions that work with the grain of your corporate culture.

Topics include:

  • General ESG familiarity and awareness
  • ESG strategy in practice
  • ESG frameworks, guidelines, and protocols
  • Market trends and regulations
  • Carbon measurement, calculation, and reduction
  • Diversity, equity, equality and inclusion

ESG policy and implementation

Our experts review relevant materials and lead a workshop with selected team members to understand your company's approach to ESG and any commitments made.

We process this information and translate it into a formal ESG policy.

Our team will work with you to understand how best to implement the policy in your operations and strategy.


United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (“UN PRI”) reporting support

Be supported to accurately report under the UN PRI framework through our guided process.

1. Analysis

We review all current materials and conduct a gap analysis on your current approach to understand gaps compared to the PRI.

2. Understanding

We will help you understand the required modules for your business and help collect ‘core’ and ‘plus’ indicators.

3. Interaction

In your first year, we’ll leverage all documents provided and have additional interaction to create a trial report to test alignment to requirements.

4. Reporting

In your first required reporting year, we will complete a formal report to be submitted in line with all reporting requirements.

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