Due Diligence Solutions 

Make informed decisions, using powerful insights delivered by a combination of digital and strategic analysis.  

  • Manager selection  
  • Pre-deal assessment  
  • Post-deal strategy  
  • Exit reporting 

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Build better business resilience and unlock the pathway to sustainable value through leveraging an innovative platform combined with the support of a team of ESG experts dedicated to sustainability and change.

Get ahead with in-depth insights that pinpoint both the material risks and tailwinds that a robust ESG strategy can weather. Multi-lingual support and deep-rooted industry expertise enable you to make informed decisions, feeling supported across the entire lifecycle of your investments.

Our due diligence solutions

Manager selection

We support (LP) clients with their manager (GP) selection to assess their ESG integration and performance. We provide valuable guidance for engagement for elevating ESG and investment practices.

LPs and fund-of-fund structures can benefit and be supported in setting ambitious targets for the portfolio and encourage the GP to be accountable for reaching those goals.

Pre-deal assessment

With 15+ years of experience conducting pre-deal ESG due diligence, we cater to your processes and offer everything from light-touch platform-hosted materiality assessments to deep topic-specific technical assessments.

Our expert advisors validate and verify a target’s growth potential and assess benchmarks, risks, performance, and improvement roadmaps to aid negotiations and capital-raising.

Post-deal strategy

We conduct deep-dive assessments, and engage and assess an entire value chain, to provide you with a full strategic baseline on ESG performance.

We deliver post-deal action plans, business resilience and value-creation roadmaps to reduce identified risks as the first steps on your ESG and sustainability journey.

Exit reporting

Our exit reports showcase the sustainability and equity story of a proposed exit target. Our award-winning reports highlight the value creation journey and the progression of ESG maturity over the holding period.

We support you in conducting annual ESG strategy and reporting cycles over which, the true value of ESG integration is placed front and centre to support the exit process.

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