ESG Credit Strategies

Experience services tailored to fund managers and investors in private credit and private debt, with an approach that caters to the specific challenges and distinct perspectives of this asset class.  

  • Fill ESG data gaps 
  • Meet regulatory and fiduciary requirements
  • Achieve positive impact 

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Key services:

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Foundation and Compliance

From meeting regulatory requirements to marketing sustainable products, credit, and private equity investors face unique obstacles. Conquer these challenges and deliver value to your ultimate investors by working with our expert team to:  

  • Define your ESG strategies and objectives, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and frameworks. 
  • Understand best practices on advancing ESG integration in the private credit space.
  • Attend ESG training workshops and receiving detailed implementation manuals for investment teams.  
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Assessment and Reporting

For credit managers and ultimate investors, limited access to assets can be a major challenge when it comes to ESG data collection. This can result in gaps that hinder compliance and stand in the way of fulfilling investor commitments. 

Our platform solutions will provide you with: 

  • A swift and easy mode of interaction with borrowers.
  • Access to benchmarks and proxies to fill in data gaps.
  • Tools to support your interaction with equity sponsors in case of leveraged loan strategies.
  • Test alignment of ESG commitments.  
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Strategy and Transformation 

Our advisory team knows how to turn data into valuable insights to help mitigate risks. We work on both an asset and borrower level, creating improvement plans that make a real difference.  

  • We support borrowers and equity owners in proposing solid Sustainability Linked Loan (SLL) frameworks to credit managers. These frameworks, including PIs and SPTs, promote sustainability goals and secure financing opportunities.
  • We help construct Paris-aligned emission reduction roadmaps, ensuring your business is on track for a greener future. 

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