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The most comprehensive tool to manage everything ESG for investors, fund managers, and companies:

    • Tailored ESG themes and strategies
    • Industry leading carbon footprint calculator
    • Unrivalled industry benchmarks
    • Automated dashboards and exportable statements and reports

  • Proven methodology, born out of 15+ years of ESG & sustainability consultancy
  • Developed to go beyond regulatory compliance and create sustainable value
  • Seamlessly integrated with our consultancy services

Data is good. Insight is better. Action is best.

Our platform simplifies complex assessments, ensuring compliance, and driving impactful change. Whether you're an investor, manager, or company, we offer tailored solutions to navigate the evolving landscape of ESG governance.

As your digital partner in sustainable transformation, we help you to embrace clarity, efficiency, and progress.

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Assess fund managers and underlying funds and assets.


  • Top-down carbon footprint, material themes, ESG risks and opportunities
  • Fund manager ESG rating and benchmark based on adaptable questionnaire

Consolidate all your portfolio’s ESG data and uncover sustainability risks and opportunities.


  • Fund-level ESG rating, indicator tracking, carbon footprint, material theme performance & policy analysis based on adaptable questionnaire
  • Automatically created dashboards and reports

Evaluate, benchmark, and improve ESG performance and create sustainable value.


  • Indicator tracking
  • Carbon footprint calculation
  • Material theme assessment and action plan
  • Policy gap analysis
  • Automatically created dashboards and reports

As ESG frameworks, regulations, and standards grow day by day, simplify and streamline ESG assessments and focus on what’s really important – driving change and creating value.

Our award-winning platform puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you the power to conduct unrivaled ESG assessments, based on the proven methodology of our ESG and sustainability experts.  

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